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A story that has begun many years ago

Founded in 1966 by Vittorio Vezzosi, Vezzosi Argenterie began its activity near Arezzo, a thriving area for goldsmith tradition. Immediately distinguished by the exquisite quality of the materials and the refined design of its jewels, the company has consolidated over the years, carving out a prestigious position in the field of silver processing.

From the 90s to today

Since the 1990s, the management of the company has been entrusted to Lorenzo Vezzosi, who is still the administrator to this day, managing to provide an efficient production in step with the times, leaving intact the manufacturing quality on which the company has its roots.

produzione di argento 925 ad arezzo

Discover all Vezzosi processes

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Laser engraving on jewelry is able to mark any graphics and engrave on particular shapes. Laser marking takes place with precision and speed and is permanent.

incisione laser su argento 925


The process by which it is possible to create a single jewel from several parts. Through the heat the metal that allows the filler alloy to melt and penetrate, by capillarity, between the parts to be welded.

Saldatura su gioielli inargento 925


Galvanic gilding is the electrochemical process that allows a jewel in any metal to become golden. In the galvanic bath, a thin layer of gold is made to adhere to the metal using the electric current which adheres to the jewel.

doratura galvanica gioielli in argento 925


The polishing process that makes jewels perfect: through a tool equipped with brushes of various materials, the object is polished and cleaned.

pulimentatura gioielli in argento 925


The wax model is built on a clay core and then covered with plaster to create a mold. Once heated in a special oven, the wax, melting, is free to pour away through the escape channels, leaving an empty space between the plaster mold and the initial clay model.

iniezione cere per gioielli in argento 925


We cut and mold finished or semi-finished products of any shape and thickness, in silver, brass and bronze.

stampaggio gioielli in argento 925



Vezzosi Jewelry celebrates the great successo obtained at VICENZAORO 2022 fair, in which we experienced a wide public’s praise for our silver jewels